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CHAKRAS HEALING AND DAY SPA  198 Cirby Way, Suite 135,   Roseville, CA 95678

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BODY WRAPS        

Ginger slimming delight (60 min.) - now $80 (original price $95)

Algae radiant power (60 min.) - now $80 (original price $95)

Chocolate guilt-free amusement (60 min.) - now $80 (original $95)

Green Tea detoxifying wonder (60 min.) - now $80 (original $95).

Wine Wrap Luxury (60 min.) - now $80 (original $95).

Chakras Day Spa has an extensive selection of body wraps to choose from, and a trained and knowledgeable staff to assist you. We can help you decide which single wrap or series would be best for you, depending on your goal. Whether you want to look and feel better, become more healthy,  we are here to help you reach your personal goal.

After browsing our menu of services book your appointments - call  

(916) 789-1659

Come in and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that we have designed with you in mind.

Ginger slimming delight (60 min.) - now $80 (original price $95)

Ginger has been used in many different ways for hundreds of thousands of years. Components found in ginger can help burn fat by accelerating metabolism and decrease the number of fat cells produced by the body. Those same properties have both natural anti-inflammatory and anti-obesity fighting effects. Mix of ginger extract and kaolin clay gently applied to the skin exfoliates dead skin cells while detoxifying, remineralizing and hydrating the skin. Avena sativa components soothe the brain and nervous system, hence it is said to be a good herb as a nerve restorative. Ginger extract can stimulate circulation, warm the skin and help in cases of painful or achy joints or muscles. Experience healing power of ginger root, while enjoying soothing fat burning treatment.

Algae radiant power (60 min.) - now $80 (original price $95)

The therapeutic use of sea derived ingredients such as algae extract and laminaria digitata offer many benefits for the skin. These ingredients really do revitalize, tone and moisturize the skin while producing the most radiant glow your skin has ever seen! Sea weed ingredients contain Omega 3 fatty acid which helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, cellulite, and acne all while improving the quality of your skin as a whole. They also prevent dryness and fight skin problems like eczema and acne. Algae combination is rich in iodine, which is absorbed through the skin to stimulate the metabolic processes, resulting in cellulite reduction and slimming. Also, algae help aid in the production of collagen and elastin, which are essential to having firmer skin. Give a great boost to your skin to make it look young and radiant.

IChocolate guilt-free amusement (60 min.) - now $80 (original $95)

ndulge in the guilt-free renewing skin benefits of real Chocolate. Chocolate Peel Off Mask contains premium cocoa powder that naturally delivers iron, magnesium, vitamins and antioxidants directly to the skin. The mask removes cellular debris that can give skin a dull and gray appearance, rehydrates, balances and leaves the skin silky smooth and glowing. The scent of chocolate stimulates your "happy feeling" endorphins. These feelings of well-being and relaxation tend to increase fat reduction, detoxify the pores of the skin, and firm and tone the skin. It is ideal for programs of correction of the body, directed simultaneously on lifting, elasticity and reduction of volumes of a corrected zone.  Lose inches while indulging in the luxury of chocolate! 

Green Tea detoxifying wonder (60 min.) - now $80 (original $95).

This is a great antioxidative body treatment with the cell-protecting function.  Green tea extract stimulates skin microcirculation and therefore positively influence the tone and health of the skin. Most skin experts generally recommend green tea as a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-aging ingredient. If you suffer from acne, then green tea is something, you may want to try to soothe acne. Maris sal extract is important for combating stress and fluid retention, slowing skin aging, and calming the nervous system. This gentle body treatment will help remove toxins from your skin, as well as leaving it silky, smooth and healthy.

Wine Wrap Luxury (60 min.) - now $80 (original $95).

Grape is that particular natural source of a vast array of health-giving ingredients, such as protein, lipids, carbohydrates and polyphenols. Get all the advantages with this wrap, as it is rich on high antioxidants that work against free radicals to help fighting the signs of skin aging like fine lines, wrinkles, dullness and age spots. Also, grape extract is famous for its power of boosting the development of collagen in your body which produces strong and elastic skin. If you suffer from certain skin disorders, then you'll be glad to know that grape seed extract also has anti-inflammatory properties by helping bring down skin inflammation. While grape extract improves your skin tone and maintains its elasticity, white clays purify and deeply cleanse the skin. Wine wrap is an effective natural therapy to revitalize your body and leave the skin supple and young-looking.

  •    Chin   ---------------—---- $10

  •    Eyebrow ------------------ $15 (club price $12)

  •    Eyebrow Shaping ------ $20 (club price $17)

  •    Upper Lip----------------- $10 (club price $8)

  •    Full Face ----------------- $35 (club price $35) and up

  •    Sides Of Face ---------- $20 (club price $17)

  •    Underarms--------------- $20 (club price $20)

  •    Half Arms----------------- $25 (club price $15)


  •  Full Arms----------------- $30 (club price $30) and up

  •    Lower Legs-------------- $30 (club price $20) and up

  •    Upper Legs-------------- $30 (club price $20)and up

  •    Full Legs ----------------- $45 (club price $42) and up

  • Chest and Back wax --------from $35 (club price $33)

  •    Bikini ---------------------- $25 (club price $23) and up

  •    Full Body ----------------- $140 (club price $120)

             (Includes full leg, bikini, underarms)

  •    Brazilian ---------------- $60 (club price $58) and up


**Other areas by Quote

  • Half Arms----------------- $30 (club price $20) and up

  •    Full Arms ----------------- $40 (club price $38) and up

  •    Lower Legs -------------- $40 (club price $30) and up

  •    Upper Legs -------------- $40 (club price $30) and up

  •  Full Legs ------------------ $50 (club price $48) and up

  •    Full Back ------------------ $60 (club price $50) and up

  •    Men Brazilians----------- $60 (club price $58) and up

  •   (upkeep is $70)   **Other areas by Quote